These Policies express general understandings, expectations, and precedents regarding the organization and administration of Region Q. The purpose of preserving these in writing is to help the chapters, officers, and staff members of the Section define and perform their roles and responsibilities; to provide for smooth transitions when sectional and chapter officers and staff members change; to promote consistency in sectional affairs; and to encourage the development of at least “two-deep” leadership at the sectional level by establishing an organizational structure that presents numerous opportunities for individuals to become involved in and aware of the Section’s operation.

Compliance with the National By-Laws

Nothing in these Policies may conflict with the National By-Laws of Alpha Phi Omega. Article X of the National By-Laws specifically relates to sections and, in summary, includes the following provisions:

  1. Sections exist to facilitate chapter administration, inter-chapter conferences and leadership training and to promote formation of new chapters and use of the services of the National Office and its staff.
  2. The Regional Director sets sectional boundaries.
  3. Each Sectional Chair is elected annually by majority vote of the chapters present and voting at a Sectional Conference. The National Office must be notified of the results within 15 days of each election.
  4. If a Sectional Chair cannot complete a term, the Regional Director recommends and the National President appoints a successor. Chapters must be notified within 15 days of the appointment.
  5. The Sectional Chair appoints Sectional Representatives to assist in chapters and to make reports on the assistance. Each representative serves concurrently with the chair, is assigned one or more chapters, and is appointed with the approval of the chapter(s) assigned.
  6. The Sectional Chair may appoint Program Staff members to serve concurrently with the chair.
  7. A Sectional Conference is held at least annually at a time and place set by the chapters and approved by the Regional Director. A conference may adopt recommendations and propose amendments for consideration by the National Convention or the National Board.

Section 3 — Guidelines from National Sources

National guidelines and suggestions for sectional operations and activities are also helpful in the organization and administration of Region Q.

Section 4 – Guiding policies

The collection of delegates at a sectional business meeting shall have the authority to adopt policy for the good of the section, and for all chapters with in the section to be bound by these decisions.

Polices that may be adopted but not limited to are, Fund Operating, Joint conference, and Award policies.